Why is the competitive queue in Valorant disabled?

Riot Games have temporarily disabled the competitive queue of Valorant due to a game-breaking bug. According to the developer, after the launch of the latest 5.03 patch update, some players have found a bypass technique through which they can nullify the effects of flash in the game, making most agents like Reyna or Phoenix pretty […]

CSGO Matchmaking unavailable error – How to fix

A common game problem plagiarizing most CS: GO players for a long time is the “CS: GO Matchmaking unavailable error.” Unlike other server-related game issues that are more specific, it may arise either from the server or client side as it is a general issue. The most common solution for fixing the CS: GO Matchmaking […]

Valorant maybe coming to consoles, according to the latest update

The popular Valorant data miner and leaker “Shiick” has found some solid evidence indicating the arrival of the popular FPS title to the console platform. According to his latest tweet, Shiick has discovered several image icons of the controller/gamepad control bindings for PlayStation and Xbox inside game files after the latest Valorant 5.03 patch update. […]

Chamber Nerf and Valorant Engine Updates – All highlights in Valorant Patch 5.03

In the latest Valorant Patch 5.03, the developers have finally nerfed the abilities of Chamber after much demand from the community. Chamber has been a staple part of the Valorant ranked, competitive META since his release, and his nerf will promote other assaulting/sniping agents like Jett, Phoenix, or Raze into the main fray. Apart from […]

All Valorant Spectre Skins and how to get them

Spectre is one of the two SMGs available to buy in Valorant. Unlike the Stinger (the other SMG), Spectre has a decent damage number and easy-to-control recoil pattern, making it the best option for players assaulting or rifling during eco rounds. As a result of its high effectiveness and popularity, the developers have made several […]