How to restore all Mechanical Painting Parts in the Genshin Impact Evermotion Mechanical Painting event

Genshin Impact’s Evermotion Mechanical Painting event runs from Aug. 12, 2022, to Aug. 22, 2022, and introduces players to Felix Yogue, a self-proclaimed daydreamer from the Court of Fontaine. In this event, you must help him restore Mechanical Painting Parts that were stolen by Hilichurls. How to unlock the Evermotion Mechanical Painting event in Genshin […]

How to play Mia’s Kitchen in Tower of Fantasy

Mi-a is Tower of Fantasy’s resident robo-mascot, who accompanies the Wanderer across their adventure in Aida. She happens to love cooking and will regularly cook meals for you throughout the day. Pay her a visit at specific timeframes to do a taste test and get a buff and additional rewards in return. How to unlock […]

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Livestream schedule – Special Program date, time, and how to watch

Genshin Impact’s Livestream Special Program is an exciting event that the community can tune in to as HoYoverse announces what’s in store for the game’s next big update. You can preview new areas, characters, banners, events, Story Quests, and other announcements detailed by Genshin’s cast of characters, as they introduce the long-awaited Sumeru update. Most […]

Can you replay Ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

Ruins are Tower of Fantasy’s version of dungeons, which can be found all over Aida. They contain puzzles, enemies, and obstacle courses, and provide amazing rewards upon completion—including Relic Shards and other important resources. But with such a great reward payout, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to replay Ruins in the game. Can […]

How to change text and voice language in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy’s global release expanded its borders across many corners of the Earth, where English is not universally spoken. As a result, the game has been localized to support a few additional languages, which you can select for a more comfortable gameplay experience. Upon starting the game, the text and voice-overs will automatically be […]