Minecraft’s Chat Reporting Tool signals a return to the “bad old days”

In June 2022, Mojang unveiled a controversial change to Minecraft Java edition. That change was Chat and Player Reporting. Slated to be added in Minecraft Java edition 1.19.1, the new feature allowed anyone to report a message in Minecraft, and potentially have the sender of that message banned. These bans can be global, meaning you’ll […]

Community relieved as Valkyrie nerf arrives in Apex Legends Season 14

Valkyrie is undoubtedly one of the strongest and most picked Legends in Apex Legends, and Season 14 will feature a significant nerf for this character. The patch notes revealed all the Legend changes coming next Season. Mad Maggie and Newcastle received massive buffs, and all of Valkyrie’s abilities were modified. While the decision comes as […]

Disco Elysium taught me how to live

I have never been a cop. I have never experienced the pain of a divorce. I have not lost my memory. I am not Harry DuBois. I, Britlee Kuhn, have almost nothing in common with Disco Elysium’s protagonist, Harry DuBois. And yet, I hurt when he hurts. When the apricot-scented ghost of his ex-something haunts […]

MultiVersus Beta First Impressions – Combat, Characters, Monetization, & more!

The platform fighting genre has seen a boon in titles, including the iconic Super Smash Bros. series, Ubisoft’s Brawlhalla, indie delight Rivals of Aether, and even the Nickelodeon entry, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. But Player First Games and Warner Bros. Games have joined together to bring the free-to-play MultiVersus to the genre. You can find our […]