Best Minecraft Seeds (August 2022) – Xbox One, PS4, & All Platforms!

We're taking a look at some of the best seeds for Minecraft!

Our Minecraft Best Seeds post features a bunch of newly found seeds to start your next Minecraft world. Using specific seeds is a great way to get your adventure started in an exciting area. With the random nature of landscape creation in the game, it's nice to guarantee what you are getting yourself into.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Seeds Java & Bedrock List

  • Java 1.19
    • The Island Adventure: -2135836821937050197
    • Ancient Outposts: 4621406263537149610
    • Team Jungle: 1559701409609232210
    • Jungle Mansion Spawn: -1499506341495013861
  • Bedrock 1.19
    • The Clash: 3546842701776989958
    • Biome War Island: 5890542
    • The View from 1.19: 5147723731320877628
    • The Jungle of Eden: 4923725547689910475
  • Java 1.18
    • King of Java: 1542201397407325465
  • Bedrock 1.18
    • Biome Diversity: 79067

Best Minecraft 1.19 Java Seeds

The Island Adventure

Image via

Seed: -2135836821937050197

This incredible island seed spawns you on an island that is over 3k blocks tall and about 1.5k blocks wide. On the island you will find dozens of biomes of varying types and plenty of helpful structures. With all climates available on this island, it makes it the perfect setup for a multiplayer server. The unique world generation in the surrounding areas makes the whole seed feel more like continents. This is a great world setting for creative minds!

  • Key Locations
    • Spawn: 1184 -736 (far from world center!)
    • Village: 1760 -1520
    • Village: 1664 -336
    • Ancient City: 1400 -552
    • Ancient City: 1176 -1144

Ancient Outposts

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 4621406263537149610

This map is a wonderful seed for you to use as we kick off Minecraft 1.19 because it provides two Pillager Outposts within a few hundred blocks from spawn, which seem to protect the surface of an ancient evil below. People who love an immediate challenge with substantial reard will love this world. They'll start off dealing with Outposts with limited gear, then they're faced with the even tougher task of taking down the three Ancient Cities below the surface. If you need a break from the danger, visit the village near spawn!

  • Key Locations
    • Outpost: 288 -224
    • Outpost: 528 -480
    • Ancient City: 120 -51 -136
    • Ancient City: 424 -51 -152
    • Ancient City: 424 -51 152
    • Village: 816 -544

Team Jungle

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 1559701409609232210

You spawn next to a direct split between arid and damp climates in this world, which means you'll have plenty ability to thrive right from the start of your word. Players start in the Jungle, and need only make a short walk to touch Desert. This is the first world to try if you're looking for biome diversity as you begin the Minecraft 1.19 Wilds update. There are ample structures available for either climate, so there is no shortage of resources available.

  • Key Locations
    • Village: -208 176
    • Village: -192 -272
    • Shipwreck: 232 -328
    • Shipwreck: 424 56
    • Village: -272 656

Jungle Mansion Spawn

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: -1499506341495013861

We're calling this seed our first idea starter seed for the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update. There is nothing particularly fancy about it, but it proves to be a solid choice for players that want and easy spawn and relaxing Roblox experience. You begin in a Jungle with a Jungle Temple next to you. There is also a huge ravine right next to spawn for you to have access to valueable ore. Perhaps the best part is that players also start near a Mansion, giving them a perfect challenge!

  • Key Locatons
    • Mansion: 344 376
    • Jungle Temple: 88 88
    • Village: 112 -464
    • Ocean Monument: -328 -264

Best Minecraft 1.19 Bedrock Seeds

The Clash

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 3546842701776989958

If you think the best Minecraft seeds are the ones that are impossible to replicate, you've should kick off your next Minecraft 1.19 adventure with this seed. Next to spawn is one of the most baffling world generation mishaps you'll ever see: a desert village that has some how generated with a Pillager Outpost, Shipwreck, and Desert Temple inside of it. You also start near a Mangrove Swamp, which is the newest Biome added to the game.

  • Key Locations
    • The Clash: 205 155
    • Jungle Temple: 616 -318
    • Desert Temple: -152 808
    • Ocean Monument: -216 -792

Biome War Island

Image via

Code: 5890542

This seed starts you on a massive island with multiple climates and great access to the newest features in the Wild Update. The spawn island spans a massive 2,500-block diameter and features almost every biome and structure introduced in Minecraft 1.19. It also provides most biomes from previous updates and several Outposts and Villages. Almost every resource in the game is available at spawn, which helped push this island seed to the list of best Bedrock seeds for early 1.19.

  • Key Locations
    • Ancient City: -280 184
    • Outpost: 488 360
    • Village: 216 -888
    • Jungle Temple: 1096 312
    • Ancient City: 472 40

The View from 1.19

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 5147723731320877628

This seed provides the best of both 1.19 and 1.18 by starting you in a Stony Peaks biome that overlooks dozens of Biomes, a multitude of structures, and plenty of beautiful views. It truly is the best seed to take on a full view of what 1.19 offers, without ignoring the huge changes to world generation in 1.18 that made it possible. If you are looking for the ideal map to play or create a one-of-a-kind adventure, then you've found it.

  • Key Locations
    • Cluster of Ancient Cities: Southwest (-X, +Y) of spawn
    • Badlands: -540 190
    • Mangrove Swamp: 750 -1800
    • Village: -432 -70
    • Village: -768 -704

The Jungle of Eden

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 4923725547689910475

When you spawn in this world, you find yourself on the edge of a ring of stony picks that encircle a jungle oasis. There are a couple of Ancient Cities close to spawn to explore, which makes this a great map to start with if you want a Jungle-themed 1.19 seed. You might have your work cut out for you though, as there is only one Village and at least four Outposts within a 900-block radius of spawn! The spawn in this map perfectly represents the Garden of Eden: secluded, enclosed, and beautiful!

  • Key Locatins
    • Ancient City: 104 104
    • Ancient City: -232 -232
    • Outpost above Anicent City: 88 -680
    • Outpost: -744 -888
    • Outpost: -856 -536
    • Outpost: 360 504
    • Village: -360 616

Best Minecraft 1.18 Java Seeds

King of Java

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1542201397407325465

This seed is in the running for one of the best seeds we have seen in 1.18. You start the seed right on top of a mansion, but that's not the only thing that makes it great. Withing 2500 blocks of spawn, you'll find every overworld structure and almost every type of biome. This is the perfect seed for those players who want to own their own mansion and have access to everything Minecraft has to offer. Seeds like this do not come by often. Don't forget to check out our King of Bedrock seed below to see its Bedrock counterpart!

  • Key Locations
    • Woodland Mansion: Spawn
    • Village: -208 -272
    • Jungle Temple: 648 520
    • Desert Temple: 1032 824
    • Shipwreck: 408 -72

Marvelous Mountain Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 24198801

This seed is one of the best ones we've seen in 1.18 so far. You start off on a massive island full of mountains. The biggest mountain is the best one in this map, as it is hollowed out in many areas and it's home to a Mountain Village. Oh, and did we mention the Mushroom Island near the spawn island?

  • Key Locations
    • Nether Portal: 120 40
    • Village: 192 96
    • Shipwreck: 248 8
    • Shipwreck: -152 248
    • Mushroom Island: 450 -150

Best Minecraft 1.18 Bedrock Seeds

Mountain Faceoff

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8624896

This seed started off as one of 1.18's best seeds, and it continues to hold that title. You spawn next to a beautiful ring of mountains and within walking distance of two mountainside villages. Not too far away are two ominous Pillager Outposts, ready to cause trouble. Is this seed a battle for control of the mountain between good and evil?

  • Key Locations
    • Village: -216 -264
    • Village: 232 232
    • Pillager Outpost: -584 296
    • Pillager Outpost: 200 536
    • Ruined Portal: -280 40

Biome Diversity

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 79067

If you've been wanting to find a permanent 1.18 home base seed, this is should definitely be on your list of contenders. In it, you'll find you don't have to walk far to find every climate available in Minecraft and almost every biome in the game. If you plan to set up an entire network of bases that have access to all kinds of biomes and resources, then start here.

  • Key Locations
    • Jungle Temple: -168 216
    • Village: 200 312
    • Mushroom Island: -400 -400
    • Pillager Outpost: 472 376
    • Nether Portal: 312 168

Don't forget: All Bedrock seeds work on all versions of Minecraft except the PC Version, which runs Java. Minecraft for Windows 10 also uses Bedrock Edition!

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Best Minecraft Seeds (August 2022) – Xbox One, PS4, & All Platforms!

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  6. I just found a beautiful seed
    1915867024 spawn in village second village nearby blast furnace smoker raider base and nether portal all within sight delete if not allowed thank you this is on Xbox

    1. This is on Minecraft base game version

  7. These seeds work an thank you

  8. I like it, there’s a big village that has a stronghold and a mineshaft that I like thanks.

  9. I have a question to the Writer of this piece.
    Will these seeds change radically when 1.18 comes?
    Since the Caves and Cliffs Snapshots has come, I was wondering.

    1. We are in the process of handling the 1.18 update, yes. When it comes out, we might leave a few 1.17/1.16 pieces up just for a month for the players that haven’t made the switch, but I anticipate this being a completely different list about two months after the new update comes out.

  10. Ravine and Ruined portal within 100 blocks of spawn!
    Ravine 91 66 43
    Ruined Portal 92 69 89

    1. seed: -876204577

  11. This was not helpful! It said “all platforms”. IT ONLY SHOWED JAVA AND BEDROCK. This is useless.

    1. Java and Bedrock are the only two versions, I’m afraid. Java is the first PC version, and Bedrock is the new PC version, as well as all other platforms!

      1. Is it possible to use Bedrock on Nintendo? Sadly, I don’t actually know the version

  12. None of these seeds work on my Java 1.16, I’ve tried all of the positive seeds and they are not generating the world I’m supposed to spawn in, what is happening

  13. java 1.16.5 seed 164698525 double spawner room inside huge mineshaft cave spiders and zombies 634/22/320 on the surface there’s also a ruined portal amongst other things

  14. The loot in the many desert temples was 1st all the good stuff> 2 Enchanted Golden Apples, 8 Golden Apples, 10 Emeralds, 8 Diamonds, 21 Gold, 9 Iron, 2 Mending Books, 1 Efficiency 4 Book, 1 Blast Protection 4 Book, 1 Smite 5 Book, 1 Impaling 4 Book, 1 Sweeping Edge 3 Book, 1 Piercing 1 Book and 8 Saddles 2nd the horse Armor> 1 Diamond, 8 Gold and 3 Iron 3rd extras> 2 stacks of String, 1 and a half stacks of Rotten flesh, 2 and a half of Bones, 14 Spider eyes, basically 2 stacks of Gun powder and some Sand
    over all it was amazing for a start on this world on survival plus you spawn in the jungle and there is a temple in the jungle but that is not included with these items thank you for sharing this seed with me and others. I hope people see this so people know what are in these temples

  15. No jungle seeds for the switch??!! I’m desperate!!

  16. found a lovely seed, 655089777 – three villages near spawn, three more villages a bit further out, two pillager outposts, a broken portal, desert temple, stronghold under one of the near villages, (co-ords – dig down at 579, 78, -706) ravine, perfect starter seed for survival

    1. sorry, forgot to say this is bedrock edition on windows 10

  17. Um hi I loved this website it gave me so many different seeds and biomes thank you

  18. Spawn in a village, ravine, stronghold, mineshaft next to a jungle biome.
    Java Seed: -921616815

  19. Thanks you soooo much i love this site i always use this site for promocodes,minecraft seeds but can you add build a boat for treasure glitchs:D

  20. seed 562512367 has a ravine if you look closely

  21. It is the best

  22. Found a seed while making a map. Seed has a stronghold under an igloo!

    Seed: -5710206521012265242

    Coordinates: -275 63 1605!

    1. Please include whether this is a Bedrock or Java seed and what version you played it on!

    when you spawn, go to the coordinates 1160, 60 , -56. there should be a buried treasure that contains 3 DIAMONDS. this is so easy you can get the diamonds in like 30 seconds since the coordinates are pretty close to the spawn point

  24. I found a really good seed that takes you straight to the stronghold (coordinates 1135 50 -255) and the end portal is easy to find. Not to mention, four spots with diamonds in that same cave, as well as a mineshaft and a huge ravine about a hundred blocks away. The seed is 548048171 on bedrock. Try it out! It’s a really easy way to start off a survival world.

    1. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH I was searching for years for seeds that contain strongholds. BUT my problem wasn’t strongholds. I found like 10 of them but none of hem contained the end portal. FINALLY THIS ONE DOES THANK YOU 🙂

      1. You’re welcome!! I’m glad you like it😊

  25. VILLAGE ISLAND (JAVA -1.14+) Doesn’t spawn the same in 1.16.

  26. does the last one have a bamboo jungle if so i needthe cordanents

  27. The seed 122516080895 is an open island spawn with a full size shipwreck and a spider and skeleton spawner within 15 blocks of each other directly underneath the ship. Along with a water side village following a river from the ocean for easy villager transport. While digging north at y 25 leads to an abandoned mine shaft that goes down to diamond level.

    1. whats the coordinates of skeleton dungeon?

    2. its on java 1.15.2, it also has and ocean monument north west of spawn

  28. SnoverMC’s seed also has a stronghold right under the mushroom island 😀

    1. I’ve played this seed for a long time, it’s got some pretty good features. The stronghold underneath the mushroom island, the two jungle temples in the jungle north of the ocean, a bit more north east of there you’ll find double witch huts and slightly more east of there (on the edge of the badlands) there’s a flower biome with skeleton spawner AND river, meaning you can easily farm all dyes in one spot. Slightly to the south of spawn and then east in the snowy tundra you’ll find a village with an igloo in it as well.

      1. This epic 1.16 seed works in both BEDROCK AND JAVA! (1747935) This seeds spawns you in a snow village with a blacksmith BUT 100 blocks away is just something! 5 interconnected villages with a woodland mansion literally attached to it which is SORROUNDED BY BIOMES AND A RUINED PORTAL NEARBY! If you love villages AND woodland mansions AND biomes then this is a seed for you!

  29. I just found an amazing seed with the spawn next to a shipwreck full of emeralds and a village. Check it out: 8536231227105585937

    1. Version 1.15.2