Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes 2022 – Start time, changes, & more!

Solstice of Heroes is being rebranded as “Solstice” for its return in 2022. While there have been plenty of leaks regarding the notorious Destiny 2 event, nothing has been confirmed regarding them by Bungie at this time. As such, we’ll stick to official sources. Everything to know about Solstice 2022 When does Solstice 2022 start? […]

How to complete Escape Artist in Escape Academy

After completing the Entrance Exam, you are officially a student of Escape Academy. This opens up new challenges and puzzles for you, like those in the mission Escape Artist. In this mission, Professor Slip asks you to vandalize the Escape Monument. Here is how to complete the Escape Artist mission in Escape Academy. Step One […]