How to find your screenshot folder in FFXIV

Screenshots and Gposing (group posing) in Final Fantasy XIV is very fleshed out system. You can easily take incredible, cinematic screenshots with just a few clicks of a mouse or controller. But then where do the screenshots go? Well have no fear, because we’ve detailed how to find your screenshots on both Steam and non-steam […]

Minecraft’s Chat Reporting Tool signals a return to the “bad old days”

In June 2022, Mojang unveiled a controversial change to Minecraft Java edition. That change was Chat and Player Reporting. Slated to be added in Minecraft Java edition 1.19.1, the new feature allowed anyone to report a message in Minecraft, and potentially have the sender of that message banned. These bans can be global, meaning you’ll […]

How to keep students happy in Two Point Campus

Student Happiness in Two Point Campus is an important mechanic. Happier students increase your Campus level, make their test scores better, and have better relationships with other students. Overall, this makes your college a better place. What’s more, for some Star objectives, you’ll need to keep Happiness above a certain level. Below, we’ve detailed how […]