Upcoming Genshin Impact updates are rumored to run one week shorter

A rumor circulated by Twitter leaker @SpendYourPrimos suggests that the three upcoming Genshin Impact updates—Version 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2—are likely to be shortened by one week each. Genshin Impact has maintained a consistent update schedule throughout its nearly two-year runtime, which covers one major update every six weeks, divided into smaller event segments to keep […]

Fish Fans in Final Fantasy XIV have launched a dedicated aquarium showcase website

On May 1, 2022, a very special Final Fantasy XIV house was unveiled. Named the Eorzean Aquarium, the uniquely decorated house showcased every single Aquarium fish in FFXIV. Across 21 rooms and 90 fish tanks, over 170 fish where showcased. Today, the makers launched a website dedicated to their multiple venues and aquariums across different […]

Final Fantasy XIV was the only game to grow year-on-year for Square Enix in 2022

Everyone knows MMOs are big business, but for Square Enix, one of the most famous game developers and publishers in the world, it’s one of the few shining lights in a bad quarter. On Thursday, Square Enix released their latest financial results, and it’s not good news. Apart from the MMO category (that includes Final […]

Wonder Works Studio to release Winnie the Pooh-inspired horror experience on Roblox

Wonder Works Studio, the development company known for creating more family-friendly experiences such as Overlook RP, Froot Loops World, and Insomniac World Party, has just announced its darkest and most surprising project yet—a horror experience inspired by children’s book icon Winnie the Pooh. This experience, currently titled “Pooh,” was officially announced via Wonder Works’ official […]