All Crafting Rotations in Apex Legends Season 14

In Apex Legends, players will come across Replicators that can be used to craft ammunition, attachments, healing items, and weapons. Season 14 brought a few changes to the Crafting mechanics in-game, along with a new set of weapons that players can craft. Here’s everything you need to know before collecting Crafting Metals from Harvesters and […]

All Legendary Vantage Skins in Apex Legends

Season 14 of Apex Legends marks the release of Vantage, the survivalist sniper with a versatile kit. Vantage has four Legendary skins available to purchase and the Vantage Launch Bundle features a Legendary Vantage skin, Legendary Sentinel skin, and a holospray. Here are all the Legendary Vantage skins available in Apex Legends. Falcon Patrol The […]

Apex Legends Loading Screen Stuck – How to Fix

Apex Legends players are experiencing a major issue that is stopping them from entering the game. Players are facing an infinite loading screen glitch that only shows the circling option, and the option to enter the game or change servers is not popping up. This issue is affecting players from different platforms, and there are […]