Destiny 2’s rumored fifth Subclass may have been leaked

Destiny 2’s long-rumored fifth Subclass may have been leaked. Beginning with Beyond Light and its introduction of the Stasis Subclass, Bungie has stated there will be three Darkness-based Subclasses to offset the three current Light Subclasses. However, the developer has remained tight-lipped, so the community has been left to speculate. Was Destiny 2’s fifth Subclass […]

Valorant maybe coming to consoles, according to the latest update

The popular Valorant data miner and leaker “Shiick” has found some solid evidence indicating the arrival of the popular FPS title to the console platform. According to his latest tweet, Shiick has discovered several image icons of the controller/gamepad control bindings for PlayStation and Xbox inside game files after the latest Valorant 5.03 patch update. […]

Ranked changes include diminishing returns on eliminations in Apex Legends Season 14

Respawn Entertainment released the patch notes for Apex Legends Season 14, and players are looking forward to the changes for ranked Battle Royale. The previous Season introduced a new system for ranked mode, and it adjusted the RP gained from eliminating opponents. However, diminishing returns from eliminations were removed in Apex Legends Season 14. Players are […]

Apex Legends Season 14 Battle Pass Trailer reveals new weapon skins

A new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 14 revealed all the new legend and weapon Skins coming with the Battle Pass. Apex Legends Hunted Battle Pass will feature several survival-themed cosmetics. Players purchasing the Battle Pass will get to unlock these cosmetics by completing challenges and earning XP. Here’s everything players need to know […]