All Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23

The Jordan Challenges are returning to 2K after originally being featured in NBA 2K11. In NBA 2K23, players can take on 15 Jordan Challenges to win rewards for MyTeam and MyCareer. What are the Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23? The Jordan Challenges put you in Michael Jordan’s shoes to recreate Jordan’s best games. You will […]

How to play Mia’s Kitchen in Tower of Fantasy

Mi-a is Tower of Fantasy’s resident robo-mascot, who accompanies the Wanderer across their adventure in Aida. She happens to love cooking and will regularly cook meals for you throughout the day. Pay her a visit at specific timeframes to do a taste test and get a buff and additional rewards in return. How to unlock […]

Can you replay Ruins in Tower of Fantasy?

Ruins are Tower of Fantasy’s version of dungeons, which can be found all over Aida. They contain puzzles, enemies, and obstacle courses, and provide amazing rewards upon completion—including Relic Shards and other important resources. But with such a great reward payout, you might be wondering whether it’s possible to replay Ruins in the game. Can […]