How to get Madara in Roblox Anime Warriors

Anime Warriors is one of the latest gacha-style anime games on the Roblox platform. Similar to other anime-based games, Anime Warriors features a lot of playable characters, and one among them is Madara. He is a 6-star hero and currently the best DPS character in the game, making him the most sought out banner among […]

Who has the most wins in Fortnite?

One of the best parameters to judge any Fortnite player by is the number of wins they have secured. Have you ever wondered what would be the most number of wins by a player in 5 years of Fortnite history? Your first guess might be some professional player from the Fortnite circuit like Bugha or […]

What is the Anime Warriors Trello Link?

Anime Warriors is one of the latest anime-based gacha-style combat games on Roblox. Similar to most gacha games, the objective revolves around you combating enemies using your anime-style powers and completing storyline quests. Apart from that, the game also features a full-fledged PvP mode with ranked matchmaking. While the outline of the game may sound […]