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What is Divinity in Destiny 2?

Divinity is a weapon that revolutionized Destiny 2’s meta upon release, with its powerful damage-boosting capabilities. Even today, Divinity still holds the spot for one of the best boss weapons in the game. With a unique trace rifle beam, and tedious prerequisite quest, Divinity is a high-value weapon with a beautiful design. Come join us […]

Can you get Touch of Malice in Destiny 2?

The Touch of Malice is an Exotic scout rifle available to players in Destiny. The quest to acquire it is long and confusing with many steps being broken up. However, once acquired, the Touch of Malice was a formidable weapon in the hands of any Guardian. But did this weapon of legend ever make its […]

How to get Divinity in Destiny 2

To get the Divinity Trace Rifle in Destiny 2, you will need to head to the Lunar Battleground during a patrol activity on the Moon. You can find the Lunar Battleground in the location shown below. While patrolling in this area, you will need to kill Vex enemies. Doing so will start the Divine Fragmentation quest. Completing the Divine Fragmentation quest will reward […]