How many people play Roblox? (August 2022)

This has been a huge year for Roblox, with over 3.8 billion hours of engagement in the year so far. While the online gaming platform has already generated $591.2 million from Roblox developers alone, the company has lost about 11% in extended trading as pandemic-fueled spending has trailed off. By the end of Summer 2022, […]

How does Chain Crit work in MHR Sunbreak

With the potential to increase both attack and elemental attacks through consecutive hits, Chain Crit is a powerful skill that debuted with the Monster Hunter Rise DLC Sunbreak on June 30, 2022. Below is the full rundown on how you can use Chain Crit to your advantage by increasing your levels and strategizing your weapon […]

Best Roblox anime games (August 2022)

One of the things that places Roblox as a game above the rest is its ability to bring players with similar interests together onto a platform where they can have fun and express themselves. Fans of every genre can find a home on Roblox, and it’s no secret that there are an overwhelming amount of […]

5 games like Cookie Run Kingdom

If you’re feeling a sugar crash coming on but still want to play a mobile game that’s part battler and part city planner, we’ve got you covered. Below are five games that evoke the essence of Cookie Run Kingdom, without all of the carbs. Dragalia Lost Play as Prince Euden, the upcoming ruler of Alberia—a […]