Fortnite Deathrun Codes (August 2022) – Best Deathrun Maps!

Our Fortnite Deathrun Codes feature some of the best maps for players looking to challenge their timing, patience, and maneuverability! If you are really looking to challenge your movement abilities, these Deathruns are perfect for you. Deathruns are maps that test your skill and patience in the game of Fortnite. While your building and shooting […]

Where to find Junk Rifts in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, players will come across various utility and explosive items that can be used to deal damage to opponents. The Junk Rift is one of these items, and it was unvaulted in Chapter 3 Season 3. Throwing a Junk Rift at an opponent opens up a portal in the sky, and random objects drop […]

How to play Animals Race Creative Map in Fortnite

Animals Race is a new Creative Map added in Fortnite, and this death-run mini-game features Wolves and Board. Players will get to ride these animals and race across the map to unlock achievements and bonuses. The Animals Race map was created by @choupala26, and players can find it in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. Here’s how players […]

Best Red Fortnite Skins

Red is the color of love, health, courage, anger, and war, which makes it a perfect choice for an intimidating Fortnite skin. Over the years, Epic Games released countless Fortnite skins, and players love to show off their collections. The following list features some of the best Red Fortnite skins in the game, and it’s […]